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Collaboration and
Compassion for

In order to serve WRDSB students to help them reach their full potential, we know that we must push the boundaries of the existing education structures which have traditionally benefited some, but not all. We are focused on transforming education to prepare students for success in the future, no matter their chosen pathway. 


Transforming education is not an easy feat. We are focused on centering students in all decision-making and letting students’ voices lead our action strategies. It is important to reimagine education to ensure that our approach to supporting student learning is reflective of and responsive to their needs in a changing world.


This year, we shared our plans for Transforming Education. We know this important work is not something the WRDSB can do alone. We do this work in partnership with the students we serve, parents and caregivers, families and the surrounding community.

It is important for students to see themselves reflected in their learning environments and the course materials as this has a direct impact on their sense of belonging in schools. WRDSB staff understand that in the classroom “is where the magic happens.” Through creating opportunities for students to engage in design and systems thinking, they are able to be active participants in creating solutions to support change in Waterloo Region. WRDSB students have an understanding of their civic responsibilities and have opportunities to exercise their learning and leadership to contribute to conversations about sustainability, safety and accessibility.


Students are actively engaged in identifying problems in their communities, developing solutions and for some, their visions are realized through a partnership with Smart Waterloo Region Innovation Lab (SWRIL). WRDSB students are cultivating an understanding of nutrition and food security. Using a near-peer learning style, where students of various ages work to support one another, the students are able to engage in hands-on learning while also supporting the local Youth in Food Systems programs. WRDSB students are also recognized for their contributions and respect for environmental stewardship.


This past year, Waterloo Education Foundation Inc. (WEFI) renewed its commitment to funding local organizations that support student nutrition programs. A donation of $30,000 was distributed to community partners Food4Kids Waterloo Region, the May Court Club of Kitchener-Waterloo and Nutrition for Learning who directly support student learning through combating food insecurity in Waterloo Region.


A commitment to transforming education extends throughout the organization. The Senior Team has completed the first part of the Global Innovation Management Institute’s (GIMI) certification, in partnership with SWRIL.


Read more about how we are supporting collaboration and compassion for transformation in WRDSB:

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